The Edge of Destiny

Escape from Mos Shuuta

The start of something..

The adventurers find themselves on the run from the crime lord Teemo the hutt. After hiding in the Mos Shuuta Cantina and dispatching of a group of Teemo’s thugs.

After making a mess of the cantina, they reluctantly agreed to run an errand for Urik, the Devonian owner of the cantina, in exchange he offered to give them information about how to “get off this rock!”

Their errand took them to Warehouse Besh, which turned out was secured by the Galactic Empire and there was a cache of Proton Bombs within the warehouse. They 41-Vex managed to trip an alarm whilst hacking the security door, which drew the attention of a couple of Security Droids. The manage to, narrowly, avoid the patrol.

Grateful for his goods, Urik informed them that a YT-1300 freighter was grounded in Mos Shuuta due to maintenance requirements. They decided to get the required parts and attempt to steal the ship.

At the Junk Shop, the somewhat unfriendly owner, Vorn, convince the team to outbid the original buyer and they acquired the Hypermatter Reactor Igniter (HMRI)

After a run in with some Imperial Stormtrooper and the ships owner, Trex, they managed to escape the landing bay with the imperials in hot pursuit.



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